Scottish Documentary Institute presents
Bridging the Gap Production
In Association with Creative Scotland

Director Valerie Mellon

Producer Ruth Reid

Director of Photography David Liddell
Editor Maja Borg

Edit Consultant Colin Monie
Production Assistant Mark Minto

Dubbing Mixer John Cohen
Colourist Ian Ballantyne

Music Poppy Ackroyd 
Tracks taken from the album Escapement.
Record Label Denovali Records
Licensed by Manners McDade

Archive TED Talk 'Making Matter come Alive' used with permission.
Full talk available at

Thanks to
Prof Lee Cronin, Dr Debbie Cronin, Aidan and Josh Cronin

Dr Geoff Cooper, Marc Rodriguez, James Taylor, Dr Soichiro Tsuda, Dr Trevor Hinkley, Stuart Marshall

Dr Michael Duncan, Dr Jim Thomas

University of Glasgow, University of Sheffield

Gavin Hopper

Bridging the Gap Production Managers
Flore Cosquer & Finlay Pretsell

Executive Producers for SDI Productions
Sonja Henrici & Noe Mendelle

Executive Producer for Creative Scotland
Leslie Finlay